Invest In Malaysia's Future

Every campaign needs funds and collecting them from the Rakyat means we're indebted to YOU and not special interests. Every ringgit we collect could translate into another vote for change. Move your mouse over the amounts to see what your investments actually mean to us. You could make a difference, right now.

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Feed one volunteer for one day

KEADILAN volunteers do not get paid. They help because they want to make a difference. In return, KEADILAN provides training and helps cover their costs. Every 10 ringgit you donate could mean one more volunteer we can use.

500 minutes of phone calls

Calling voters is an effective way to learn about their concerns, check their voting registration status and persuade them to vote or act. Unfortunately, phone calls are not free and no one will send free sms-es for us.

Campaigning outside the cities

Information needs to spread outside the cities. KEADILAN goes out to small towns and villages around Malaysia, to speak to the Rakyat. It creates a more participatory democracy and ensure information reaches everyone.

Rent a bus to "Get Out The Vote"

Registering to vote doesn't always mean going out to vote, especially if you've been assigned a voting center far away from your home. This will ensure that KEADILAN supporters do not miss their chance to exercise their democratic right.

Facility rental for campaign ceramah

Malaysians still love a good ceramah. It harks back to days of old, when candidates came down to the people, to talk and listen. Every KEADILAN candidate will commit to as many ceramahs as we can fund, the more we have, the more people we will engage.